Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Your A+ Clients Generate More...

The owner of the garage suddenly pulled a sales person aside and without realizing I was inside range, announced to the sales person : "That lady over there's NOT one of our A+ clients. "Since I was the sole blonde in the place, I was relieved to be considered the A+ buyer. From that moment on, the service I received was exquisite. Even if you rate your customers on an informal basis, you are doing it, in the recesses of your consciousness, noiselessly. So, what makes up the top twenty percent of your customers, the A+ group? Is your top twenty percent made up of clients who generate the most money for you? Some folks would say 'yes'. They do more for you, presuming they meet your factors for your dream customer. Gerber addresses this issue well in "The E-Myth Revisited : Why Most home businesses do not work and What to do About It", available at Amazon. You and I are doubtless both guilty of making and deserting lots of auto responders, free sites, and so on. , if you've been online for any period as I have. Somebody would stumble across some of it by accident and say, "Hey, who left this lying here?" this is going to be a new opportunity for some enterprising businessman.

*Referrals to associations and bodies they believe you should talk to. *Referrals to firms that might use your services. While there is a direct buck side to it, there's also an immeasurable, continuing stream of networking that opens up. Give them a complimentary report, assessment, white paper, handout, PDF or other present they might find valuable.

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